martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

Comida No Bombas - este Jueves 6 de Marzo

Como todo primer jueves del mes, estaremos cocinando y compartiendo comida veg(etari)ana en la calle.

Vení a cocinar este jueves 6 de marzo, desde las 11hs en la Huerta, o a comer directamente al mediodía en Rojas y la vía del tren (Caballito) a metros de la huerta.

Es gratis. Si podés, traé algo para cocinar, o ya cocinado, para compartir.

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  1. I left this in your email. But I really wanted to reach you, so I'm posting it here.

    Dear Huerta Orgazmika Collective -

    hey! my name's Gavin. I'm writing to you from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, New
    York. This place has become my home and I've spent the last 5 years
    burrowed deep into passionate direct action work for radical ecological
    preservation and betterment, as well as community and global issues of
    public space and work of community-based mutual aid through the Anarchist
    Black Cross.

    Presently I work with my friends at our community center which we built
    together. We provide free education to neighborhood kids, as
    well as silk-screening and hosting a free infoshop lending library and
    from where we host meetings between ALF and ELF groups with whom I am
    affiliated, and that's kind of the other part of my work. (We're called
    123 Tompkins Community Space).

    I learned about you guys from a friend of mine Jacob who works with
    deletetheborder and who does GRUB with me at 123: GRUB is kind of like
    Food Not Bombs, which is awesome and I see you guys also do, but instead
    of growing/dumpster-diving a bunch of food, cooking it and bringing it to
    a place where we can distribute it to people freely, the entire process of
    dumpstering, cooking, cleaning and eating is done collectively by all who
    wish to attend. Meaning, those who would ordinarily just show up and
    recieve food from our group are now a part of the group, and all are
    welcome to any part of it, and this is how you'll get your food. We like
    doing it this way, as at least in NYC here Food Not Bombs has a
    paternalistic sort of feel to it, and our alternative has really built
    beautiful trust and understanding across huge social division lines. It's
    pretty awesome.

    I'm telling you all this because I want you to understand where I'm coming
    from, because ever since hearing about you I have been filled with a
    tremendous desire to come and work with you. I feel like I'm just talking
    about what a life I lead, but I suppose I just want you to know
    that we're on the same page and I feel that we value similar things. I
    just sort of wanted to explain: hey, I'm not kidding, I really want to
    help you, I'm not some tourist on punk rock vacation. Even though I guess
    to some extent I can't escape that.

    Before I lived in NYC, I spent my entire life doing organic and biodynamic
    farming. I stopped farming because I felt that there was more diverse
    political action to do, it was difficult to interact with people and
    conduct large solidarity projects from the remote farms I was on, and I knew
    about a number of large-scale movements in NYC that were really worth it.
    In America I've found that even the most egalitarian and horizontally-run
    farms tend to be upper-middle-class retreat centers more than they are
    places concerned with building resistance and community and healing our
    broken platform of earth. However I've been really inspired by the work
    you do, I've read your little blog, and I wanted to connect with you and
    ask you if you think I might be useful. I am also anxious to learn from
    you, because I think that there is a lot that you have to teach when it
    comes to direct action and grassroots resistance. In America our platform
    for this is much shakier, and I am well aware of Argentina's political
    climate which has been an inspiration to the entire activist community of
    the United States. Particularly, it was the death of our friend Brad Will
    which finally brought Argentina's struggle to the forefront of American
    activist thought. It is pitiful that it had to come at this price, but
    Jacob and I were good friends of Brad's and it has fueled our rage and

    I understand that I am an outsider, and I do not pretend to have superior
    knowledge and know-how. But I do want very badly to learn from you, and I
    think that I can pull more than my own weight and give back. Please be
    honest and tell me if that is not what you need right now, because I
    refuse to be anything but a positive influx of energy for you. But if I
    can help you, I have just enough money for a plane ticket, and I can be
    there as soon as a month from now.

    One final thing: I do not speak spanish. I want very badly to learn, and
    that is a major part of my desire to come to Argentina. I am presently
    trying to get together exchange classes at 123 Tompkins, where spanish
    speakers and english speakers could teach each other in rotations. Also I
    am trying to learn independently. I would not arrive in total linguistic
    ignorance, but I would have probably only a childish understanding if I
    came in a month or two. If this would be too cumbersome, or if no one
    speaks english, then I could also try and hold back, possibly visit some
    farms in Argentina who could teach me in exchange for work before I came
    to you. All this rests on my usefulness to you, however, and I guess
    that's what needs to be considered first.

    Thank you for enduring my long letter and its probably horrible computer
    translation into Spanish which follows. It would really mean a lot to me
    to work with you; I feel that you are doing really remarkable work. Please
    write me back.

    struggle, iron, volcanoes -


  2. Felicitaciones por esta iniciativa!!!!

  3. incrivel mescla de cores...uhm
    o intermundo e o terreiro baldio da subjetividade.
    um grande haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a todos .
    canhamo desligo

  4. incrivel mescla de cores...esta comida. o intermundo e o terreiro baldio da subjetividade. canhamo desligo